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Re: [MOL] How often for colonoscopies?

I was dx'd in October, 1998 with both kidney cancer and colon cancer, both 
primaries.  Both were in stage II, and I did not have to have any type of 
treatment, and I'm still NED.  My original GI retired last November, and he 
did a colonoscopy in September and it was clean.  He told me I need to have 
another one in six months, which is scheduled for early May, and he said if 
that one is clean, it would probably be OK to wait a year, and if that one 
is clean, then I should have one every two years for a long, long time.

Since he retired, I had to find a new GI, and I saw him a couple weeks ago.  
He indicated that I REALLY didn't need to have one now, since the last one 
was clean, but he'd go ahead and do it, and then he said I don't need 
another one for THREE years!!???  I was not comfortable with that at all.

After seeing the HBO special, and knowing that Mr. Lovitt's doctors told him 
to have a colonoscopy once/year because he's high-risk due to family 
history, I REALLY don't like having to wait three years!

Anyone else have experience with this and recommendations?



Have you had your cancer screening yet?

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