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[MOL] Radiofrequency Energy Cooks, Kills Cancerous Tumors

Radiofrequency Energy Cooks, Kills Cancerous Tumors
    [03/30/2000; ScienceDaily]

SAN DIEGO -- Using radiofrequency (RF) energy to "cook" and kill
cancerous tumors without affecting surrounding healthy tissue
may provide an alternative to surgery for patients with kidney
and other cancers, according to National Institutes of Health
(NIH) research being presented here today at the 25th Annual
Scientific Meeting of the Society of Cardiovascular & Interventional
Radiology (SCVIR). 

"Preliminary results look promising for this technique, which
is being used on tumors throughout the body, including melanoma
and cancers of the prostate, breast, brain, liver and pancreas,"
said Bradford J. Wood, M.D., clinical investigator at the NIH
Clinical Center, Bethesda, Md. "No definitive long-term trials
have been reported, but we have many patients who are cancer-free
years after having the procedure." 

RF is finding a niche in cancer treatment, which increasingly
is being customized for each patient and may vary according to
the size, location and type of tumor. In some cases RF may work
alone, or it may be used in combination with other treatments,
including surgery, systemic chemotherapy and chemoembolization,
an interventional radiology technique that delivers chemotherapy
directly to the tumor and cuts off blood flow to the cancer,
said Dr. Wood. 

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