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[MOL] Flavonoids may help fight cancer

Flavonoids may help fight cancer, study finds
    [03/30/2000; Cable News Network]

A recent study shows that flavonoids, biological compounds found
in more than 4,000 fruits and vegetables, seem to inhibit the
growth of human cancer cells in laboratory tests. 

The preliminary findings were presented by KGK Synergize Inc.
Thursday at the national meeting of the American Chemical Society
in San Francisco. 

The study was conducted in collaboration with the U.S. Department
of Agriculture, and focused on the 22 flavonoids found naturally
in orange and tangerine juice. 

Dr. Najla Guthrie, president of the research company, said the
results are "very encouraging" that these compounds could be
effective against lung cancer, prostate cancer and melanoma
cells. The study also found that synthetically produced flavonoids
effectively inhibited the growth of colon cancer cells. 

Previous research conducted by Guthrie indicated that components
 found in citrus juices were shown to reduce the growth of human
breast cancer cells in laboratory tests. 

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