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Hi, Bridget:  The decoupage is VERY easy and relaxing.  Here's what I do:  I 
pick up flower pots -- the terra cotta kind -- very cheap, in all sizes.  
Then I spray paint them different colors -- i.e., black, white, pale yellow, 
green, red -- you name it.  I pick out beautiful paper napkins and cut out 
the shapes and paste them on the article with decoupage medium.  Go for it.  
After I'm finished with that, I apply about five coats of the medium over the 
design, and then seal it with spray on water proof sealer.  They are 
beautiful.  I've made trays (out of cheap tin ones) flower pots, of course, 
and even lamps.  I had an old ginger jar lamp I was tired of and I decoupaged 
it with an iris print napkin.  It's so gorgeous now I had to get a new shade 
for it!  Try it.  It's a lot of fun.

Love, Kathy
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