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Re: [MOL] To the new non-smokers

Hi everyone! I quit smoking 10 yrs. ago for the fourth time, it took that
many times! I say to smokers that are trying to quit. "Don't quit
quitting" It worked for me and I also chewed nicorrette gum it worked
good. Amazing how things have a way of working out because I needed my
lungs for my stem cell transplant.My friends think wow were not going to
quit smoking look at you, you quit and got cancer! And I say I wouldn't
be here today because they won't transplant smoker's lungs. I'm proud to
be an X-smoker and would encourage anyone to try it~! I have also found
the key to staying away from them. They are like a drink to an alcohlic
you can never touch them again. NOT EVEN ONE PUFF! My friends quit and
take a puff and I say Don't! They must have forgot what it tastes like
and they have only smoked for 20 some years! So please any one trying to
quit, don't quit quiting and don't take what you think may be an innocent
puff! Been there done that. Good Luck to the x's and anyone trying. Your
friend for "life"
Nancy J
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