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RE: [MOL] John/smoke talk

Title: RE: [MOL] John/smoke talk
Dear Dusti,
I understand about Chance.  My 6 year old twins are really giving me a hard time and when I get home from work will not give me a kiss till I've washed and brushed my teeth!  So, I've got all the incentive I need.  Trouble is, I started when I was young and my Dad smoked so for me it is almost a cultural that will have to go!
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Aren't you sweet.  Thanks.  Actually, another MAJOR reason is because I try & set a good example for Chance & I was tired of feeling like a fraud when I would say that smoking was terrible for a person.  The hardest part was making the decision to do it because I hate to fail.  You'll get there John.  I am no one to talk because I can understand wanting to 'indulge' after going through what you did.  I'm sure when you decide, you will do it.