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[MOL] Kathy to Andy

Dear Andy:  You're right -- I do have a great neighbor.  She and her husband 
are African Americans, and they have the sweetest, cutest children I have 
ever seen.  These little ones have perfect manners and are so much fun to 
play with.  They knock on the door when the weather is nice and ask if Button 
Michelle can come out and play.  She gets so excited she squeals and wets on 
the floor!  (She's a teeny little dog, by the way!  LOL)  

The only meds I have to take now, Andy, are heart medications and vitamins -- 
plus estrogen replacement.  That's enough.   No more cancer meds.

There's a light at the end of the tunnel, Andy.  I know it seems as if the 
chemo is going to last forever, but it doesn't.  Once it's over, you will 
gradually begin to feel a little better every day.  The most lasting 
after-effect I had was that food didn't taste good to me for about six months 
after my treatments ended.  Everything had the texture of rubber bands.  I 
swear, I thought it would never go away, but it did.  Today, I have my 
appetite back and someones else's, too.

Hang in there, friend.

Love, Kathy
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