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RE: [MOL] tonsil

Dear Colin,
I too had a neck dissection and 37 treatments of radiation to the head and neck.  Every now and then, I do get facial and neck cramps.  I find that it I extend my neck and lightly slap/tap the cramp, it goes away.  I think it is a small price to pay for being alive ;+)  I am glad to hear that you stopped smoking.  I did as well for two years after my surgery.  About a year ago, I guess I wanted to forget that I ever had cancer and returned to the old habits.  I am determined to give them up and curse my stupidity for starting again!  God Bless and welcome to a great web site filled with very caring and supportive cancer survivors!
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Subject: [MOL] tonsil

Dear sir it`s been five big long years since i had my cancer of the tonsil (left) i had radio and chemo,i have stopped smoking for the same time as well,what is getting on my nerves a little is every time i yawn i get neck cramps,also when i do hard work i seem to lock up in parts of my this because of the treatment,radiotherepy that has made my veins smaller so the blood do not run as fast?
                               yours c.s.wilson