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[MOL] Andy!

Title: Andy!

Hello!  No, I am not at all sick of hearing people talk about their illness.  It is very real Andy and I would never expect anyone to keep quiet about how they are coping.  For me, that is a main purpose of this forum.  I have a hard time bottling my thoughts and feelings and perhaps like you, my friends & family don't care to hear it.  I believe they don't want me to wallow in it and that's why I feel I can't talk about it because they just don't really understand that this is how I have to cope, I have to talk about it and learn about it and listen to other people coping with similar things.  So.....use this forum to vent or ask questions, that is why you hear people on this forum being very grateful for each other because we know we can talk to each other & not be shushed.  I can fully understand you HATING treatment.  I would be scared to death!  Just keep your eye on the big picture and remember that God knows alot better than we do.  As far as being in the mood for things....I think that since you are an artistic type of person, this is the best time to draw or write poetry!  The best stuff comes from tortured souls, don't you think?  I hope that did not sound callous, I meant that when people are having dillemmas & conflict, great art can come of that.  I know when I feel depressed, I am more expressive.  Perhaps you can use your talents to help you get through.  I know that several Molers are artists including Lillian.  Just a thought.  If you want, I'll give up the pity pot that I sit on most of the time here.  It's kind of a running joke because everyone feels down at some points, for me, it has been lots of points and I joke about using the pity pot.  I hereby give you the pity pot so you can use it for a short while but don't forget to give it back when someone else needs it! 

Smile Andy,