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RE: [MOL] Another goal/ramblings

Dear Sylvia,

New York is indeed a special place.  Having lived for ten years in Boston, I
was happy to return and experience the vitality and intensity of NYC.  There
truly is no other place in the world like it.  New Yorkers get a bad rap
from those who have never lived in it.  I find them to be interesting,
caring and concerned citizens.  You can't beat it for its' diversity, food,
arts, and educational offering.  While Boston was charming and refined, it
lacked the raw energy and focus of the Big Apple.  I know what you mean
about flying into JFK airport...a chill goes through me each time my flight
circles the island of night with all the lights of the
skyscrapers or with the daylight reflecting off all the glass of those tall
buildings.  And as for being the "concrete jungle" there are so many tree
lined streets and parks and gardens that, with the exception of the mid-town
area, one is never wanting for nature.  Even in mi-town, many of the
buildings house exotic gardens in the lobbies...the Ford Foundation building
has a virtual jungle in its' center and every office looks out over the lush
green below.

One of our dear molers, Ron, lived in the city and used to write beautiful
poetic descriptions of life in the city.  He was a dear friend and will
always be remembered by me.

God Bless and Pax.

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HI John,
You may remember that I am a travel agent, and as a result, I have traveled
lot. ( In my better days) 

Although I love to travel and see new cities and sights, whenever I return
N Y and see our wonderful city from the air,with or without the smog, I get
lump in my throat and a thrill in my stomach.  There is no place else like
in world.  
Whenever an out of towner questions me about what is so  different about N Y
 I respond "we are no different than any other city, we just have more and 
bigger 'it'

Your fellow New Yorker.  Sylvia 
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