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Yeah, I heard about the baby too.  Even that bothers me; but I'm not honestly 
not sure WHY.  I mean, I don't know exactly why it disturbs my sensibilities 
so much.

You know maybe it's all this "living online" free-show type stuff.  The women 
who display their whole daily lives for the world to see (for a price of 
course). That makes me nauseated!  Then when you think THOSE same people (the 
voyeurs) just might be the same people who would WANT to watch a woman have 
breast cancer surgery or deliver a baby it makes me want to shake the world!

That's why I want people to know how wonderful MOL is Lil.  It's such a 
blessing in my life and in all the others' here too.  Like when we hear all 
the awful news about kids - and none of the good stuff they do.  OK, got it 
out of my system - off my soapbox now.  :)   -chris
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