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[MOL] andenoid cystic carcinoma

I'm an international student at Northwestern Univeristy,IL and my dad in
singapore has just recently undergone surgery to have a tumour behind his
eye removed.  I've just been told last night that based on scans and tests
done on the tumour, he has adenoid cystic carcinoma - he has a short time
to decide if he intends to remove the entire eye or to undergo radio
therapy or to just leave it as such.  

Bounded by geographical constraints, i am unable to be with him right now,
but am very distressed over the present circumstances - i came across this
e-mail address in the midst of doing some research on the abovementioned
subject and would be grateful for any form of advice ( regarding the
course of action my dad should take, sources to helpful reading mateiral
on the subject or sharing similar experiences of this sort ).

Thank you

Hawking Choa
E-mail : hawking@nwu.edu 

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