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[MOL] Taxol found in in hazelnuts!

Hmmm, I just love hazelnut coffee and creamer; I wonder if that counts, LOL!
Love, Joicy

Cancer-Fighting Chemical Found
    [03/29/2000; Associated Press]

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Researchers say they've found 
the active ingredient of Taxol in hazelnuts, 
a discovery that could lead to new ways to make
the cancer-fighting drug.``This is potentially good news for
cancer patients,'' said Angela Hoffman, a member of the research
team at the University of Portland in Oregon, who was to present
the study today at the national meeting of the American Chemical
Society. The finding may be of interest to competitors of Bristol-Myers
Squibb, which holds the exclusive license to make Taxol, the
nation's top selling cancer drug. Worldwide sales of Taxol brought
the company $1.5 billion last year, 7.3 percent of its total
sales. The drug is now made using chemicals from yew tree needles.

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