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[MOL] Study: Well-Done Red Meat Is Not Breast Cancer Risk

The findings change from day to day, don't they? Love, Joicy

Study: Well-Done Red Meat Is Not Breast Cancer Risk
    [03/29/2000; Reuters News Service]

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Eating well-done red meat does not appear
to increase the risk of breast cancer and consuming more white
meats may offer protection against the disease, according to
a study released on Tuesday. The study by the University of California
Irvine College of Medicine contradicts previous findings that
reported a link between breast cancer and the consumption of
well-done meats. ``No matter how the food was prepared -- blackened,
barbecued, grilled or pan-fried -- red meat didn't increase the
risk and white meat actually seemed to offer protection against
breast cancer,'' said Dr. Ralph Delfino, assistant professor
of epidemiology at the university, who co-led the research team. However,
Delfino said the study could not rule out the possibility that
these foods might increase the risk of colon and stomach cancers.

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