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RE: [MOL] Another goal/ramblings

Title: Another goal/ramblings
Well hi to Dusti in Tulsa from John in the Big Apple...yea, it still has a few worms in it.  As for the quality of life here, it has improved but is still unaffordable for the majority.  And while the quality has improved, it has been at the expense of some civil rights...thus the disturbances.  One big question is if crime is down how come arrests are up?  Our dear Mayor who views himself as a benevolent dictator will get eaten alive if he ever makes it to the US Senate.  Will be interesting to see how it goes and will depend in large part on the "minority" vote.  Will keep you guys in the peaceful part of the country advised of the happenings here in the "big" city ;+)
Pax and God Bless.
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OK, now I know if I would have just read this email that SoHo is in New York!  You New Yorkers really intrigue me.  As you all have cleaned up the crime and other stuff, I have silently cheered that New York is once again a place not to fear but a place of diversity and show business and wall street, etc...  I have been watching the news about the riots and the controversy, a bummer to be sure.  It is stormy here in Tulsa, this morning there was hail the size of a golf ball!  Yesterday was beautiful and I took the day off and my son & I went to the zoo.  All of the animals were out and enjoying the sunshine.  One Mama kangaroo had such a big baby hanging out of her pouch, I couldn't believe it.  The pouch was dragging the ground (looked almost painful).  That is enough rambling for the moment...