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[MOL] Another goal/ramblings

Title: Another goal/ramblings

OK, now I know if I would have just read this email that SoHo is in New York!  You New Yorkers really intrigue me.  As you all have cleaned up the crime and other stuff, I have silently cheered that New York is once again a place not to fear but a place of diversity and show business and wall street, etc...  I have been watching the news about the riots and the controversy, a bummer to be sure.  It is stormy here in Tulsa, this morning there was hail the size of a golf ball!  Yesterday was beautiful and I took the day off and my son & I went to the zoo.  All of the animals were out and enjoying the sunshine.  One Mama kangaroo had such a big baby hanging out of her pouch, I couldn't believe it.  The pouch was dragging the ground (looked almost painful).  That is enough rambling for the moment...