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Re: [MOL] Marlene!

Dearest Lillian,
    I am doing fine.  My family and I have just spent the last 2 weeks moving 
a mile away from our other apartment.  My computer has been off line since 
the day before St. Patrick's Day.
    During the past week I have contracted a horrible cold.  I was to start 
radiation tomorrow, but they're going to wait until Monday.  My doctor, like 
me would not be concerned under normal circumstances, but does not want my 
immune system down any farther than it has to be.  Praise God I have doctors 
who are really looking out for me.
    I've missed all the MOLers so much but can't possibly read the almost 
1,000 e-mails I have.  So I'm deleting most of them and will catch up later.
    Thanks so much for your concern.  You're one of my special angels from 

Luv ya,

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