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[MOL] Lung to liver

	I have an uncle (near 80 yrs. old) who was diagnosed with lung
cancer within the last couple of years.  He had one lung removed and (I
assume) underwent chemo and/or radiation therapy at that time.  The cancer
has metasized to his bone and liver (the latter just confirmed today).
Apparently, chemotherapy is not useful at this point because of the extent
of metastasis, and his prognosis is very poor (3 to 9 mos. life expectancy).
He is a great deal of pain, so he has begun taking medications in an attempt
to relieve that.  The doctors are also considering the use of radiation to
treat his pain.

	I wonder if anyone could point me to articles (including peer
reviewed research articles), web sites or other information sources
concerning treatments (palliative or "curative") for this type of
metastasized lung cancer?  I have no particular bias towards "western"
medicine and so am open to alternatives.  I'm mainly hoping to offer my
uncle ways to maintain a quality of life.

	Thank you so much for your help.

	Denise Hickey

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