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Re: [MOL] Re: Barbara Auslander Update

Dear John,

Thank you so much for your brilliant mind, compassion, integrity and
honesty. Took all your advice and message with the tenderest of
education and sincerity as we always do. Had to smile though when you
said about the less than desirable atmostphere and environment in
Mexico. Have you been to California lately? LOL. The smog still exists.
We have the hightest conditions of migraines and congestion and asthma
and heart problems and sinus problems than any other state or country.
So I guess that means we have to move to New YOrk and live with you and
Ruth in order to get away from less than undesirable environmental
conditions, LOl.  Cant hide from any environmental hazards unless we
move to Bora Bora, lol. But you are right, we must be diligent and learn
about the environment and the hazards not only to overcome our
conditions and diseases, but to also hopefully avoid them.

Thank you for the birthday message and I agree with Barb. Pls get a 
machine that answers back when we call as well, LOL. Although we do love
your secretaries, Marissa, Christine and Denielle,

God Bless and be well my Brother

john p lehner wrote:
> My dear Brother.yes!  Happy Happy BIRTHDAY!!!!!  Got your telephone
> message and I thank Barbara for bugging me about getting an answering
> machine!  Marty, this message is the answer to the prayer I posted
> I want to hear from Barbara, Lil, and Carla.  After all,
> I have a responsibility to all my women! I in heaven or what!!!
> Marty I am in a way glad about your decision to delay a return to Mexico
> for several reasons.  First is that you are risking exposure to numerous
> bacteria and viral infections as a result of Mexico's less than modern
> environmental controls, and my unexplainable caution about commitment to
> treatments that have not gone through the rigors of the US verification
> to establish effectiveness.  I know that many people claim some sort of
> conspiracy, others claim the narrow-mindedness of our medical practice as
> reasons for not acknowledging these therapies.  The fact is that the
> ridged rules of the game of trials and verification BEFORE becoming
> clinical practice has resulted in this country leading the world in
> medical care and discoveries and have saved countless lives.  Is the
> system perfect...hell no! but it is the best this world has to offer.
> When all is said and done, it really is about what works for you the
> individual.  A lot of your success with Barbara I am sure is due to the
> love and support that is there for her.  Your devotion, your and Barb's
> faith in God, common sense healthy life styles have all contributed to
> your success.
> I really did not mean to go on like this but mainly wished to say I love
> you are family, and Happy Birthday!  I just wish I
> could be there with you to toast you and celebrate God's gift of you to
> us with a tofu shake (mine with a couple of ounces of vodka please!) and
> to hold and embrace you both!  God is truly a loving God to give us all
> the benefit and blessings of knowing you.  God Bless you my brother and
> know that today, tomorrow, and every day of the year I celebrate your
> being a part of my life.  I love you.
> John
> On Sat, 25 Mar 2000 06:26:10 -0800 Martin Auslander
> <> writes:
> > Good Morning All,
> >
> > WEll one of my birthday wishes is coming true and that is to see my
> > dear
> > wife, Barb in better heal
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