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Re: [MOL] LUNG CANCER Survivors, After Spreading to Liver Stage 4

Dear David,  My heart goes out to you;  I remember well the terrible period 
of time of diagnosis.  I have lung cancer, stage IV, adenocarcinoma, mets to 
right lung also.  Now, I believe the most valuable help I can give you is to 
let you know that your attitude (positive) will be most important thing for 
your longevity.  I was diagnosed in Jan. of "98 given 9-12 mos w/o treatment; 
18-24 mos with chemo; radiation was not feasible since I had several places 
showing up/  I'm 59 years now.  I'm feeling great; had several courses of 
chemo, incl Carboplatin and VP -16 initially, then Taxol, then quite a few 
cycles of Gemzar and Taxotere, which helped me a lot.  The Taxotere./Gemzar 
cycles ended the lst week of Aug. '98.  I went w/o treatment until the early 
part of Feb., 2000, when I entered a clinical trial in Philadelphia with a 
drug called Combretastatin,  I'm doing fine;  I go to Phila one week every 21 
days and my CT Scan taken week before last shows my cancer is stable.  The 
point is--that after you get handed a terminal diagnosis-=-you believe it and 
if you do not catch on that it isn't necessarily so, you'll fulfill their 
prophecy by dying.  I'm not saying they're not quoting the statistics, but we 
are not just a bunch of statistics.  Don't let them take away hope.  The best 
thing you can do is search the internet, learn as much as you can about your 
condiition, and let this MOL Forum give you strength of heart and mind.  Let 
me know anytime I can help.  Best regards; Wanda Zarbaugh
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