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Re: [MOL] Are you stuttering Chris?

In a message dated 03/25/2000 7:05:40 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
Not that I know of Lil - but then I'm so pooooped I could be howling at the 
moon and I wouldn't remember! :) writes:
> hmmmmmm!  giggling.  Still working on the site; but the picture so far looks
>  great of you and your Dad.  
    ...and my sister. I tell her alot about MOL and have tried to get her to 
join, but she is already part of so many newsgroups she doesn't have time for 
one more. Every now and then I forward information from here and she often 
says, "Ask MOL if..." whenever we wonder about things my Dad is going through.

I am sorry it takes me so long to get a page>  done; but eventually I get 
there.  Either it is the artist side of me>  wanting things this way and 
that, changing colors; etc. or it is the side of>  me that thinks I am a 
perfectionist even though I am not.  Anyway I spent a>  couple of hour's 
today learning some java tricks;  we shall see if I learned>  my lessons 
well.  Luv you, lillian
    Oh, how I know!  My boss is a water-color artist, I do calligraphy and 
(did) write poetry and worked on a book at one time.  I told him how I am an 
awful artist-type because I OVERDO everything; never know when enough is 
enough.  I end up adding that "just one bit more" and RUIN the whole thing!  
:)  That applies to my cooking too, I'm afraid!  :)   -chris
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