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[MOL] "The Journey Through Cancer"

Dear Friends,

I am very pleased to tell you about a book I have written, recently
published by Crown Publishers, that could have a very important impact
on your life and the lives of those you love.

As a board-certified medical oncologist, and as someone who has
personally lost family members to cancer, I wrote "The Journey Through
Cancer:  An Oncologist’s Seven Level Program for Healing and
Transforming the Whole Person" to meet an important and growing need in
our society -- that is, the need for a more holistic and humane way of
caring for people with cancer.

This subject touches virtually every one of us in some way.  As many of
you know, especially if you have been touched by cancer in some way --
either personally, or with a family member, colleague, or friend --
cancer often challenges the mind, heart, and spirit of patients and
family members as deeply, if not more deeply, than it challenges the
physical body.  Yet medicine often overlooks this simple truth in its
pursuit of newer and better ways to treat the disease.  In contrast,
"The Journey Through Cancer" guides the reader through the conventional
as well as complementary and alternative approaches to cancer treatment,
while addressing the profoundly important mental, emotional, and
spiritual dimensions of healing as well.

As one reader has stated: "Dr. Geffen's powerful book was like magic
sprinkled onto our family as we began to face my father's diagnosis of
cancer.  The author's unique approach to the whole person, physically,
emotionally, psychologically and spiritually helped us to make decisions
about treatment, conventional and complementary, as well as to better
understand the complex range of emotions we were all feeling.  "The
Journey Through Cancer" is beautifully written and easily read with
anecdotal and personal stories. I devoured it in two days!  It outlines
seven steps that will give you the courage to embrace the present and
prepare for the future.  Cancer does not just happen to the patient, it
happens to everyone who loves the patient.  I heartly recommend this
book to anyone facing cancer and to all those who face it with them.  It
would make a great gift for cancer patients, their families, care
givers, ministers and physicians as well."

Thank you so much for letting me share this book with you.  I am very
excited about the extraordinary response it has already received, and
invite you to visit the book’s website page for additional reviews and
more information.

On amazon.com:

On barnesandnoble.com:

Or, visit the website of the Geffen Cancer Center and Research

With best wishes,

Jeremy R. Geffen, MD, FACP
Geffen Cancer Center and Research Institute
981 37th Place
Vero Beach, Florida
TEL: 561-770-5800
FAX: 561-770-5805
e-mail: jgeffen@geffencenter.com

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