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Re: [MOL] Questions concerning pregnancy and chemo

Hi Carol, welcome.  We are not in the medical profession; however we do have year's of espierence of opinions!  Vitamin C and Iron have been the hot topics for the past six months.  More and more I am reading on the net about Vit. C. and iron working against what the chemo is trying to do.  I do not have information on flax seed; etc; but hope this helps.  Make sure your doctor knows what vit. and herbs you are using.  Your friend, lillian
Warmly, lillian
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From: Matt Walton
Sent: Tuesday, March 21, 2000 2:07 AM
Subject: [MOL] Questions concerning pregnancy and chemo

I'm 16 weeks pregnant with 2cnd child, and just started CHOP treatments today for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma(Aggressive Large B-Cell Diffuse). I'm stage 4 as I also have low-grade bone marrow involvement (small cell).
My questions are:
    1) Do you know of any contraindications in taking vitamins while undergoing chemo? I specifically take- 2000 mg.Vit C, 200 mg. Vit B6, 50 mg. Flax seed oil, and a prenatal( which doesn't have alot of any of the above). I'm slightly anemic, but have seen conflicting research on taking iron while undergoing chemo. I also haven't gotten a clear answer from my OBgyn on this, which makes me a bit uncomfortable in taking addtl. iron. I believe the research in question says that iron can protect the cancer cells from chemo drugs ?  My diet is excellent, in that I'm eating up to 8 servings a day of fruits/vege's and trying to cover all food groups (w/exception of meats and high fats... and cut out direct sugar and processed foods).
  2) Is there anything I can take for mouth sores that won't be a risk to the baby? I have been told to try L-Lyesine(sp?) and acidapholous(sp) , but not sure if safe to take during pregnancy?
Thank you for looking into this and getting back to  me!
Carol Walton