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RE: [MOL] tolillian from andy

Dear Andy...I know how difficult those self injections are...when I was in
service, I had to self inject atropine as an antidote for nerve gas.  I
think I chased myself a couple of miles before I finally caught up to me and
gave the injection. ;+)  Keep the faith, treatment is a real bummer because
it effects the whole person and not just the cancer.  Just remember that we
have all gone through different levels of this and have will
you!  You will be in my prayers.  God Bless.

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Dear Andy,
So glad to see you are still online and hanging in there. Sorry to 
that hear things are so stinky, and hope the new drug will be the 
ticket. I am impressed that you are giving yourself those injections 
--not sure I could do that. but I guess we do what we have to, 
right? Know that we're thinking about you, and sending up a lot of 
prayers on your behalf. Blessings, friend. Love, Joicy

>hi lillian, 
>things are stinky,lol.  i shant go into it.  im in a coopperative trial,
>taking an investigational drug which i just started last thurs.  i hope it
>works. i m giving myself injections, a major accomplishment.
>how is your husband?  i ve been reading, i hear snippets that hes very ill.

>im so sorry, i hope he isnt in pain.  ill say some prayers. be stonrg, you
>seem to be positive adn hopefulm, thats all you can do and trust in god
>he;ll guide you.  
>you all are the best here.  i m really impressed with the warmth and
>you seem to have for each other in this group.  this is why there are
>stories, i can tell.  you GET BETTER HERE AT MOL :)  love andy
>"Lillian" <> wrote:
>> Glad to see your e-mail, how's things going for you?  Do you know if you
>> are going to be able to get into the trial yet?  How long does it take to
>> get an answer to this?  Hope your doing all right and was thinking about
>> you.
>> Warmly, lillian
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