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Re: [MOL] radiation therapy and advanced non-small cell lung cancer

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<< My father was diagnosed with advanced non-small cell lung cancer (stage
 IIIb or stageIV; adenocarcenoma) in late December.  He also has Chronic
 Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.  He is trying to decide whether or not to
 have radiation therapy and if so, how much.  >>

My father had the same *advanced* cancer in his lung(s) and in between - 
squamous cell carcinoma. One large tumor in left lung, smaller newer growths 
in the rt. They removed the smaller newer ones. Then he had 6 mos of chemo 
(taxotere w/ carboplatin) followed by 6 wks of radiation.  He DOES get tired 
and does have shortness of breath, which he complains about.  However he IS 
enjoying his life, though in a more limited fashion than pre-cancer days. He 
is currently on thalidomide (alone) and dislikes that it makes him somewhat 
fatigued.  We're just so glad to have him - tired or not!

So far tests indicate that he has NO cancer in his lungs and none in his 
brain; we await test results from the bone scan now.  He was dx in Aug 1998 - 
this Aug he will be with us 2 years beyond the cancer dx and will by that 
time be 77 years old!  There were times neither he nor we were so sure he 
would make it (the treatments can be as bad or maybe even worse than cancer 
pains) so we leaned heavily on God and that's what I believe has gotten us 
all thus far with any remnant of sanity.  I do believe that chemo AND the 
radiation were a blessing in disguise and now the thalidomide is too!   God 
bless you and guide you in your decisions.  And all the family support (and 
outside support) you can get will help a great deal. -chris r.

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