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Please be advised that we are not in the medical field; however I have
provided some excelent sites for you to research your information.  Wishing
you luck, your friend, lillian

Lymphoma Information Network - Welcome
The Lymphoma Information Network These pages are for those seeking
information on lymphoma - Hodgkin's Disease and Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma
(NHL). Welcome! This site strives to do two things: put a bit of humanity
and understanding to this disease and to

2. Canadian Lymphoma Foundation
The Canadian Lymphoma Foundation Our Mission Statement Despite being the 4th
most prevalent cancer, lymphoma remains astonishingly obscure to most
Canadians. The incidence of this potentially curable cancer is rising,
increasing the need for community

3. The Cure For Lymphoma Foundation
The Cure For Lymphoma Foundation (CFL) is a nationwide not-for-profit
organization dedicated to funding research and providing support and
education for those whose lives have been touched by Hodgkin's disease and
non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. 215 Lexington

4. Lymphoma Information Network
December 1999 Site Navigation See this page Auf Deutsch En Français In
Italiano Em Português En Español Translation is by computer so do not take
translated pages word for word. Español Información These pages are for
those seeking information on

5. Lymphoma Focus - A Comprehensive Educational Resource for the Lymphoma
A Comprehensive Educational Resource for the Lymphoma Community. Interact
with leading lymphoma experts and learn about a broad range of topics in
order to make informed treatment and quality of life decisions. The most
accomplished members of the lymphoma

6. Lymphoma Forum and Lymphoma Association
The Lymphoma Forum for Healthcare Professionals only. The Lymphoma
Association for Patients, Friends and Relatives. Last Updated: 14th November
1999 © Copyright Douglas Dick Associates 1999

7. Lymphoma Research Foundation Canada
Page d'accueil - Francais Lymphoma Links Updates of this Site There are
approximately 6,320 new cases of lymphoma in Canada each year. The Lymphoma
Research Foundation Canada seeks to provide support for those who face
lymphoma and to those who undertake

8. Lymphoma Links from the LRFC WWW Site
WWW Lymphoma Links Last Updated: May 24, 1999 New internal links are listed
on the Update Page for this web site. External links to interesting web
sites for: Hodgkin's Disease Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Clinical Trials Other
Lymphoma Resources Chemotherapy


Warmly, lillian

We invite you to take a look at our Album.

  ( Very informational, good tips, Molers pictures, art work and much

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> Well, I was asking about the two EBV and Lymphoma...
> I hear that EBV can cause Lymphoma is this true?  What kind of weird
> are associated with EBV?
> Thanks Faye

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