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Lillian---And All MOLERS,

    It is with the most profound regret I have ever experienced that I must 
inform you that on Dec. 16th I did lose my friend, wife, lover, confidant and 
mother of our five children. As you may recall, the breast cancer returned in 
metastatic form 61/2 years, after it first reared its ugly head. We thought 
we were about out of the woods but it was not to be. She fought it as hard as 
she could but did finally lose the battle. During her fight, she reafirmed 
what a really classy lady I knew I was fortunate enough to have had as my 
life's companion. She never complained about pain, inconvenience, baldness, 
nausea, etc., although she was most certainly troubled by these and much 
more. The faith and attitude with which she faced and met death is something 
that I and our children can only aspire to. I am so thankful for the almost 
50 years that we were together. We dated for five years and were married for 
just short of 45.
    I thank all of you for your friendship, prayers and informational help. 
While I do not often communicate because it takes me forever to type a 
message such as this, I certainly will continue to "evesdrop" for the 
forseable future.
   Your Friend Pa
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