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[MOL] From: Vicci

Hello Friends,
Have been scanning messages and there are lots of newby's here.  Hope
everyone is doing as well as possible.  My Rich is still getting good tumor
markers and CT Scans so I'm thankful for that.
He still has so very many problems with his gut though.  He's seeing a
gastroenterologist on April 21.  Maybe they can help him.  Bowels just
don't want to function normally or on time which causes him great pain:gas
and such.  I've been printing all the colon cancer articles (Thank You
soooo much, Lil) and pass them on to him but I think that he thinks he can
eat when he wants instead of 6 smaller meals a day.  He loves his milk too
and I've told him it's not good for him.
I, Vicc, am coming to NY for a holiday with my niece's senior class.  We
are going to 4 broadway shows, Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty,
Greenwich Village, SOHO, Rockefeller Center, St. Pat's Cath, Warner
Brothers, NBC etc etc etc.
A full 6 days and nights lined up for us.....
My question for all you who live in NY.......I am a calligrapher and would
like to know a good Art and Graphic Store.     Your weather has dropped
from 65 degrees to 61 degrees and now down to 44 or so.  What the wind
chill factor in the city?  Do we layer up.  Leather coat or rain coat
needed.  What, in your opinion should we definitely NOT MISS while we are
in NY.  Any suggestions, for anything else would be appreciated.  I'M JUST
SO DARNED EXCITED.  It's been a rather crazy last two years and I'm ready
for this.
We are seeing Lion King, Annie get your Gun, Kiss Me Kate, and Les Mis.
What is a good all round museum.  What do you all eat there?  They say it's
soooooo expensive to dine out.  I'm talking about Deli's, good italian,
What are the neat out of the way places to go?  We will be staying near 8th
Ave and W 49th .  Anything else anyone can think of to tell us about NY
will be much appreciated.   

I will probably sign off MOL for the week.  I leave this Sat. morn.

Take care everyone!   Vicci
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