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Re: [MOL] Lil, you poor thing!

Dear John:  Thanks, my friend.  I had hoped no one thought I was being 
mean-spirited.  I just thought the same thing you did -- it didn't help to 
listen to someone boast when so many of us have financial worries on top of 
our health problems -- and you're right -- his money, if he actually has that 
much -- could be put to a better use.  I admire your restraint -- and 
Lillian's.  I don't have that much self-control, obviously!  LOL  

It's raining in beautiful Boise, and is a little depressing right now, but 
I'm not depressed.  It feels sort of cozy to me, if you know what I mean.  I 
have dinner in the oven and it smells wonderful, and a fire in the fireplace. 
 I have a dinner date with my fine male-type friend tomorrow night and I'm 
looking forward to that.  He brought over some more wonderful Latin music 
this afternoon, and I'm really enjoying it.  This is as close as I'm going to 
get to Mexico -- at least for now!  LOL  I'll bet New York is really lovely 
right now.  I really hope to see it again someday.  Your friend -- Kathleen 
in Boise  
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