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RE: [MOL] Lil, you poor thing!

Dear Kathleen...I agree about Scottie.  I don't believe he is for real and
even if he is I would think that wealth could be better put to use by a
charitable contribution to cancer research!  I always cheer when any member
of this family celebrates another mile stone in their journey to
survivorship.  His postings have been more...dare I say arrogant then
celebratory.  That is why I have remained quiet and not responded.  Enough
said, I shall return to my position that if you can't say anything
nice...etc.  Please forgive the negative comment if I have offended anyone.
I just know on a personal level the stress and worry caused by the lack of
money and how it influences health care and the decisions of who gets
treated and who is allowed to die.


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I'm afraid I was a little snotty to Scotty -- that sounds like a song, 
doesn't it?  However, I found it difficult to believe he really wanted to 
anything besides brag about how much money he had.  I'm sure it's just a 
defense mechanism, but with as many of us experiencing financial 
difficulties, severe side effects from chemo, anxiety about our loved ones, 
etc., his bravado was a little irritating.  I don't suppose I should be so 
sensitive, but it was hard to empathize with him.  He reminded me of that
on "Who Wants to be Groped by a  Phony Millionaire" or something.  Boy, I am

a brat today!  Scotty -- if you're for real, forgive me, but come down off 
Mt. Olympus and join the rest of us.

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