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RE: [MOL] Bess

Title: RE: [MOL] Bess


Mom's primary was in her bile duct w/ mets to her liver.  This was not prescribed w/ the intention of 'curing' her.  M.D. Anderson told her that this would possibly 'freeze' the cancer, and it did...for a while.  We were lucky that she responded to it, some people w/ her type of cancer don't.  I think they gave us a 50/50 chance of it working for a while and we were glad when the next couple of scans showed reduction in the size of her tumors.  They told us that the Xeloda was originally used for breast cancer but is being prescribed for other things too, hence the different dosages.  She took 7 pills a day for 2 weeks and then a week off & then back to the 'grindstone'.  That is the only treatment she was on, I have not been able to convince her to try anything like green tea or what you have described.  That is a TON of things to do but if it were me, I would probably try everything too, especially since you have your onc's approval.  That is great that the onc has an open mind to alternatives, most frown on anything unconventional.  At least that is what I have read & heard.  From personal experience, I wouldn't know as Mom has never had to ask her onc if he approved.  How long until your husband's next CT scan?  I'm sorry Bess, I have forgotten what type of cancer he has, I think I remember in the liver but there have been so many new people lately that I have forgotten some details.  Mom was also pretty tired and still is & all of the pills are a pain in the neck too.  I guess you just have to forge on and do it least that is what I would think.  If it were me, I really don't know what I would do, I like to think that I would be a good patient but I don't know. 

Best of Luck & keep in touch,