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Re: [MOL] Bess

Dear Dusti:
      In addition to CPT-11 every week for four weeks and two weeks off (so 
far Tom has only had two of the four weeks), he takes 2 zeloda after 
breakfast and 2 zeloda after dinner for a total of 2,000 mg a day.  He is 
supposed to take this for two weeks and then stop. Our onc has not indicated 
if he will resume the zeloda with the next cycle.  
      What kind of cancer did your mother have and did she take the zeloda 
without a break for six months?  Alone or with something else?  How did you 
know it stopped working unless it was alone?
    Unfortunately, or fortunately, we are doing so many different things--the 
CPT-11, the zeloda, the Alternate Regime with Dr. Chang that includes the 
frozen liquid shark cartilege 3 times day before meals, the equivalent of 24 
cups of green tea, 2,000 units of D3 daily, 9 pancrease MT 20 enzymes daily, 
9 bromelan daily, 1800 mg megasoy daily, 2 minocin antibiotics daily, the 
equivalent of a tablespoon of flax oil daily, 2 tblspns of powdered 
herbs-main ingredient reishi mushrooms (this to counter chemo effects)  and 
six puffs daily of Intal inhaler.
This regime is supposed to duplicate angiogenesis.  So if there is a 
"response" it will be virtually impossible to tell what is responsible.  I do 
know that Tom is incredibly tired, that taking all these pills before meals, 
during meals, after meals is incredibly burdensome especially since his 
stomach feels full all the time and he can hardly eat. We were both dubious 
to combine the two regimes but our onc thinks "it can't hurt and might help"
   anyhow we are doing our best to give this a try and see where we are at 
the next evaluation.  All the best.  Bess
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