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[MOL] Medical experiment Web site to open

Good Morning All,

Thought the following information may be of some use.

*** Medical experiment Web site to open

WASHINGTON (AP) - Your doctor grimly announces there's no more
chemotherapy to try for your pancreatic cancer. Or you heard a news
blurb about an experimental Parkinson's drug but your physician isn't
testing it so you're stumped. Or you'd desperately like a less toxic
medicine for your child's rheumatoid arthritis. Scientists are
conducting thousands of clinical trials in a quest to improve
treatment of those and hundreds of other diseases, yet less than 5%
of American patients enroll in such medical experiments. One reason:
It's incredibly difficult for sick patients to ferret out who's
studying what and then wade through the scientific jargon to
determine if an experiment might help them or is too risky. Tuesday,
the government opens a database to help. See

God Bless you All,
marty auslander

P.S. Jerry this may include alzheimers
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