[MOL] Pretty Park Virus Alert!!!!!! [01220] Medicine On Line

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[MOL] Pretty Park Virus Alert!!!!!!

Next, there is a new version of an old virus that seems to be spreading quickly.  The virus is called PrettyPark.  The virus will come in the form of an email from someone you know.  The attachment name is PrettyPark.exe.  If you receive an email with an attachment called PrettyPark.exe DO NOT OPEN the attachment or you will infect your computer.  Instead delete the message and inform the sender that they are currently infected with the PrettyPark virus.  More information on this virus and removal instructions can be found at http://vil.mcafee.com/vil/wm98500.asp  If you have been infected by the virus and feel uncomfortable removing the virus on your own please give us a call and we'll be happy to walk you through the removal process over the phone.
Warmly, lillian
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