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[MOL] sent astray

Hi, Lil, this is not actually for mol, just a stray message from a stray
relative! Jeanne

leona head wrote:
> Hi Jeanne, Jim and Kathryn
> Hope you are all doing well.  We are still alive and
> well in living in James Bay.  You would never know it
> but we are practically neighbours.  I look forward to
> my course end March 31 so perhaps we can take some
> time to have a cup of green tea.   I know, I keep
> promising and soon it will happen.  Mom will arrive
> here around the 27/28 of the month for about a week.
> I hope we can gather the clan together for one night
> somewhere.
> Good luck with your grad plans Kathryn.
> Look forward to seeing you all....love to your mom and
> dad.
> Leona & Hugh
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