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Re: [MOL] How often?

Dear Peg:
    Anyone with a family history of colon cancer should definitely have a 
colonoscopy every year, especially over 50.  Our family is riddled with colon 
cancer and when my sister saw an onc at MSKCC about her severe EC/gastric 
cancer, the doctor said her children should start screening at 35.  Don't 
mean to alarm you, but if you catch it early, it's more controllable than 
many cancers.  I have a colonoscopy every year and go to a guy who is so deft 
that I am waiting for them to start and by then it's over.  I would also 
recommend having an endoscopy (upper) every few years because ec/gastric is 
on the rise too.  An ounce of prevention... All the best.  Bess
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