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[MOL] How often?

When I had bright blood in my stool, I went in for a colonoscopy last
year.  A left colon polyp was removed - benign - , and I was told the
bleeding was just from my hemorrhoids, which I knew I had.  It is
recommended that I repeat the colonoscopy in 5 years.  (I'm 54 yrs.
old).   I've had bleeding through the years on and off, but can usually
visualize the source from a hemorrhoid at the anal opening.  My brother
died of colon cancer at the age of 60.  My question is with recurrent
bright blood, I can't always visualize the source, and do I need to go
in every time?  A hemorrhoidectomy seems too drastic a remedy for the
problem... I have no pain, and I don't seem to be losing enough blood to
cause anemia.  Can't see having a colonoscopy every time I bleed.  Peg

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