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Re: [MOL] Well MR. Jennings Just Got A Whole Lot Of Shaking GoingOn!

In a message dated 03/12/2000 12:52:06 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

> No great job being a caregiver, but when>  it comes to the one we love, I 
would want no other doing the job

...and no other job either!  Marty, you can say THAT again...and again...and 
again.  I agree whole-heartedly.  I wish I could retire so that I could spend 
MORE precious time with my Dad while we still have time, but that just isn't 
meant to be. I only get to see him on Sundays for about 4 hours and that is 
sometimes painful as every hour, day, and week gone by are GONE. No chances 
to repeat them.  I know my family (stepmother, sister, and myself) would all 
do anything to make my Dad feel better and would care for him no matter what 
it takes.  The hardest part is the emotional stuff, not the actual 
care-giving, but being brave, hopeful, and imparting that all the time.  The 
easiest part is loving the person who is ill.  And the BEST part is that God 
sees us through it all somehow and often when there SEEMS to be no hope to be 
found, my heart is filled with it.  That is the gift that God has constantly 
replenished for me - my hope.  -chris
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