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i am wriring to ask that you help my family i was recently in a car accident 
and am unable to work i have little to know money i am alone with my 4 
children. my rent is due (i dont want to loose my home )my electricty is 
about to be shut off and i cant work. i really need a prayer write now 
  if you could find it in your heart to help i would deeply appreciate it 
i had surgery about a week ago. i pray that i will be able to work very soon 
but as for now i need help to keep my children safe and worm, please help! 
   this is not a scam please believe me! this is just a desperate plea to 
take care of my children 
                                 thank you for your time 
                                      and god bless you 
                                          jennifer conner
                                           1087 st rt 176 
                                             fulton ny 13069

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