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[MOL] What YOU Have to Do to Become and Stay Healthy

What YOU Have to Do to Become and Stay Healthy (My opinion)

Having said that, here is my nutshell assessment of what you can do to
stay healthy: 

   1.Eat sensible, balanced meals and snacks consistent with the needs
of your body and blood type, and yourpresent  state of health. In
general, eat plenty of fresh fruit (including their seeds and the meat
of their pits, especially 
apricot, apple, and peach), vegetables, nuts, grain, and berries. Study
nutrition and be aware of your body needs. 
     Stay away from candy, soda pop, Big Macs, and other "junk" food.
Eliminate sugar, red meat (all animal meat if you can), and processed
foods from your diet. If you cannot do it all at once, do it gradually
and only occasionally use cottage cheese and low-fat meat or fish for
protein. Remember that there are many vegetable sources for protein, and
you do not need to eat animals. 
   2.Supplement your diet with special treatments or nutrients that
build your immune system and cure diseases. 
     Minimize pain killers and prescription drugs. This does not mean
such drugs are bad. It means you should focus on diet and nutrition
instead of medicine. Also, PAY ATTENTION to what you are taking and make
sure a) you don't take two or more items that collide with each other or
undo each others' benefits, and b) you don't take 
     anything that YOU PERSONALLY do not fully understand and agree will
help you (many people have been killed by a doctor's well-intentioned
but ill-advised drug treatments). 
   3.Clean the parasites out of your body and KEEP them out. 
   4.Clean your detoxifying and food processing organs (intestines,
liver, kidneys) out and KEEP them clean. 
     Remember that the liver's main job is to convert carbohydrates into
glucose so as to nourish the cells and give them energy, not to detoxify
the body. It only has to do the detox work because you keep loading your
body with poisonous "food". Remember that real "food" is not toxic, so
whatever you are eating might not be food (even     though you think it
   5.Exercise, even if you only go for a 5 minute walk, every day. If it
is possible for you to work to a vigorous 
     "sweat" for half an hour a day, do it. Sweating is an excellent way
to detoxify your body, and that is one of the purposes of sweat.
Remember that the skin is the body's largest organ, and you need to
exercise its functions in  order to get its benefits. 
   6.Build positive, loving, happy relationships with God and your
fellow man, and spend daily time on them. 
     Communicate continually with the spirit of God within you, and
follow his lead. 
   7.Live cleanly, morally, and ethically, and stay away from
suppressive people and situations while you spend some time every day
doing SOMETHING to help one or more other people directly. 

There are many books on exercise, stress, relationships, and God, so I
will not deal further with them here. I will, however take up items 1
through 4 above, and I will only cover those therapies that are reputed
to produce results. I repeat that I cannot say from first-hand knowledge
that the things written about here will cure cancer.
Nevertheless, I hope they will be useful to you. 

God Bless YOu, 
marty auslander
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