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Tust me friend, there rally is hope our there.  All too often on thi forum we see people who have made it and are doin fine. There are more people living with cancer than t=dying from it.  What form of cancer does your brother have, how long and what is the stage>  Your friend, lillian
Warmly, lillian
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---I would like to say that i'm sorry.
My little bother was also has went through it or should I say is still. We were told that there was no chance  that he would live a year .  We went and try herbs and rayedatoin it help for two mouths then we came againsest more problems and are still fighting . He turn only 23 this feburary --when we were in the hospital last week with more sugery they the doctors came and ask us about trying a jean therapy so that is ower next stop but we cann't give up .
If there is hope out there and I wish it would come to the people that really need it .
                                                     your turly a friend
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