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RE: [MOL] Betty

Title: RE: [MOL] Betty

Betty, can I ask what kind of a pump are you talking about?  Is it one where the chemo is pumped directly to your liver?  Does that mean you are hooked up to things?  Do you go to the Dr. 3 times a week to get your shot?  Is this type of chemo alot stronger?  Do you feel any different?  Boy, I should be a reporter?  I'm so sorry to hear about the Gemzar not working anymore but I'm very glad for you that your liver function is still good.  Sounds like you still have a good positive attitude, God bless you, you are stronger than I could be.  Thanks for the update Betty, when I see your email address, it always reminds me of Pikachu who is a cartoon character in Pokemon, my son is Pokemon crazy.  Have a good day.