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[MOL] John

Title: John


Thank you for your kind suggestions.   I didn't know that you had that type of cancer.  It sounds like you handled your situation with dignity & humor.  I also think that it is important to be able to laugh about some of this stuff that is NOT funny.  When Mom first told us about this possibility that she might have cancer and would have to take chemo, my sister, her & I were all on a 3 way call.  I recall that the wind was sucked completely out of my stomach but I knew that to cry would only have worried and made things worse so instead I made a crack that we could go wig shopping and pick out a cool wig.  My sister was so appalled, she did NOT think that was something to joke about, but my Mom laughed and later so did my sis.  Sometimes you have to laugh or else you'll cry, I do both.  I'm 26, sis is 38, Mom is 57, & my son is four.  I love this age for him, he is starting to spell every word he sees, it won't be very long until he is reading.  I have a very frank relationship with him.  He knows that I worry for NaNa but I have explained to him about the circle of life and I also think that he has a concept of death & heaven & God.  I try not to burden him with any details.  He knows to be gentle with NaNa & he is.  He is very loving with her and sometimes I ask him to help me bring things to her & so forth.  He feels big when he helps, they have a special relationship.  I think so far he is doing ok, no outward signs of stress or acting out.  I just worry for the time if/when....I guess instincts will kick in.  Thank you again for sharing what you did, it really touched me.  Your family sounds like a real loving family.  I guess not every New Yorker is rude--just kidding!!!!!  No okie jokes!  Take care John,