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[MOL] Bridget

Title: Bridget

 Hi Bridget,

That is interesting that you were able to undergo surgery and radiation.  They must have caught it fairly early?  Unfortunately in Mom's case, her liver is so tumorized (I made that word up) that I believe they said it would be more detrimental in her case.  The Xeloda she was taking did freeze the cancer for about 6 months and then other little tumors began growing so they have now changed her treatment to an IV of Gemzar once a week for 3 weeks and then off for 1 week.  She has gone from working full time and living normal life to basically living on the couch.  My Mother is a real trooper though and we are trying to adjust the best that we can.  I am fortunate that I have an older sister who lives less than a mile away that Mom spends the day with since my sis has recently been laid off and can work a little from home.  I'm curious if you have had any trouble with hypercalcemia?  For some reason, in some cancer patients, their body just starts producing calcium like crazy.  Mom takes an IV of Aredia for this every once in a while when her calcium starts going up.  May I ask you what your Doctor told you what your prognosis was?  I don't put alot of stock in it but everyone I have spoken with in the medical profession has been very pessimisstic with me about Mom's situation.  Do you work?  If you can, write back with details on how you found out and what your doctors told you and how you are coping.  You indicated that you were not married.  Do you have a support system?  I know that even though my sister is a bossy older sister, I am glad that she is here.  Do you have children?  How are they taking this?  Do you take pain relief?  Sorry to be so nosy, I just like comparing notes.  I am glad you found us Bridget, I don't believe in accidents.  I had been on the web just a couple of times before I found out about my Mom's diagnosis and I got online and typed in bile duct cancer in the search area and it brought me to an old message from a man whose Mother had Bile Duct Cancer and that is what led me to this forum, just a complete coincidence, nah, I believe that God knew that I needed something to help me through this.  If you hadn't gathered, My Mom has always been my best and closest & dearest friend.   I do believe that I am glad that we have had this time where no one is taken for granted.  Bridget, sorry to have rambled, I have been meaning to write you for a while.  I am including a link to a web page that was put up by the gentlemen I spoke of who posted the bile duct cancer message that led me to this forum.  I am sure you will find it most interesting:


Best Regards to you Bridget & hope to hear from you soon,