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Dear Marlene:  I'm sorry, my friend, but I do believe it's necessary.  I went 
through seven months of very aggressive chemotherapy, and then six weeks of 
radiation therapy -- every day except the weekends.  I never doubted for one 
moment the necessity of the radiation, although the side effects are far from 
pleasant.  I didn't mind the radiation as much as the chemo, though, even 
though it did burn my skin, and I had other residual effects I won't mention 
here, so that I don't frighten you.  Very few people experience what I did -- 
I'm just lucky, I guess!  They waited until my tumor was gone before 
beginning the radiation, and they also recommend radiation to my brain, which 
I declined to do.  I'm sorry about your insurance situation, and I can 
understand why you'd hesitate to have the radiation, but I wouldn't hesitate 
for a moment.  I was on a clinical trial and had some of the best cancer care 
available in the Northwest.  Not to have radiation was out of the question.  
Good luck, friend -- Kathleen in Boise
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