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[MOL] Nick

Title: Nick

Nick, I was born & raised in Bakersfield in San Juaquin Valley.  I miss the beach sometimes, I miss the smell of the clean ocean air.  My Dad is building a home over in Cambria, right next to San Simeon.  I guess he can just go to Hearst Castle every day if he wants.  Now I am a 'Okie' and l love it here as well.  Instead of the beach, we go to lakes or ponds and go fishing.  My husband & I even went fishing on our honeymoon!!!  I never tire of telling people that, they always look at me sympathetically, ha ha.  I even own boots and go two-stepping occasionally.  Growing up in California, I shuddered at the thought of boots.  I swore when I moved here as a teenager that I would never like it here.  Funny how things change as you get older.  I am super optimistic for your wife.  Like you said, they have great clinics in CA.  Keep us posted, I will be interested to keep up with what happens and how your wife does.  Best of luck and God Bless.