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Re: [MOL] Kathy!/Lillian!

Dear Kathy:  Tommy is blessed to have you on his side, along with the rest of 
his family.

When I was so ill and things looked very grim, my brothers and their 
religious group prayed for me twice a week.  I didn't know about this.  My 
sister, who is not particularly religious, began going back to church for 
this purpose.  Others prayed for me, as well.  My husband at the time, 
however, went to the bars every night, and was not particularly faithful.  
The rest of the MOLers know what happened almost exactly a year ago.  I had 
the strength then to ask him to go elsewhere. Unfortunately, I didn't know 
the MOLers during the worst of my illness, but I'm forever grateful that I 
found them when I did -- about six months after my treatment was over.  My 
first response was from Lillian -- then Elizabeth Patterson from Yakima -- 
then everyone jumped in!  It was awesome.  They've all been there for me 
during my divorce, my double heart bypass, other difficulties, and just 
knowing they would listen to me without being judgmental has been so 

We're all so glad you're here and that we can help you and Tommy.  

By the way, I have a suggestion that might avoid confusion.  My name is 
really Kathleen.  Perhaps I should use that name instead of Kathy -- that is, 
unless your name is Kathleen, too!  LOL

Love, Kathleen
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