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Re: [MOL] Dusti!

Title: Lillian
And you don't think someone had to teach me how to be strong?  Yep, the person is right here on this forum, spent hour's with me and I will always be grateful.  So you see Dusti it's like this, we help you, then you help the next and it gets passed on. 
Thank you for the beautiful words, very appreciated, here is my secret.  I give myself two days to sulk about anything major and then I must snap out of it and move forward.  Those two days, I can cry, stomp my feet, say a few cuss words (not too many).  I call this gathering my strength.  However, the beauty of this world is that we are all different and we all must deal with things the way that suites each the best.  So someone who may be silent, perhaps is stronger than I appear? 
One of the beauties of a forum like ours is that one can say how they feel and know that it is understood by each and every member.  When you try to speak to friends (Outsiders) they are uncomfortable, many are so afraid of cancer and yet so many of us have it, or have a family member who has it.  What they don't realize that even though there is much pain, anguish, suffering, there are times of great joy also. 
To be able to realize what really is important in life is a beautiful lesson. To be given an opportunity of a second chance to straighten up and fly right makes us lucky for the next world.  To see the beauty in all people, a glorious lesson.  To learn not to hurt a love one, wow, a great lesson.  The time you are spending with your mother; the little things you are doing to make her comfortable and happy will always be yours to carry in your heart.  Never will you regret it and more importantly after all the year's she took care of you, loved you, you are able to give back while she is alive.  She wasn't snatched from you at a moments notice.  Now that is joy!  love you, lillian