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Re: [MOL] Nick!

Dear Lil,

Thanks for replying. I;ve been busy preparing for my wifes upcoming liver 
transplant pre-eval starting this week. I'm praying for the best treatment 
option that we can take avail under our HMO plan. I heard liver transplant is 
still the "Gold Standard" in getting rid of the bad cells perhaps completely, 
but the big question is when will that new liver come up. There are so many 
in the waiting list. It's like waiting for that last train to come by when 
you need to get to your destination yesterday. Well inspite of this bleak 
scenario we remain hopefull for the best outcome. We have to learn from our 
children. They are good in healing and survival because of their unending 
built-in positive expectancy.

If you know someone who has gone thru liver transplant please let us know.
Let me end this message with an impotant note: "Problems are our best 
This maybe hard to comprehend for some, but I beleive its so true.

Thanks & regards....Nick
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