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Hi, Lil:  My brother is still living with me, and you're right -- he is very 
much into music, too.  My other brother, however, is even more into music.  
He's a professional jazz musician, and a fabulous one.  I sent some of his 
music to our dear Greg, and he loved it.  I miss him.  My life is going very 
well.  My business is beginning to pick up, my personal life is great, too.  
I'm dating a wonderful man -- an architect, who is sweet, kind, funny, and 
all the things I should have but don't usually look for in a man.  We've 
become very fond of each other.  This is very nice!  He should be here in 
about fifteen minutes.  We're going to spend the day together -- doing what, 
I'm not sure, but it doesn't matter.  You have a good day, too, my friend.  
Love, Kathy
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